About West Yorkshire Business and Skills

We work with partners across the public and private sectors with the goal of stimulating growth to unlock West Yorkshire's vast economic potential.

West Yorkshire Business and Skills, the new name for the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership

From October 2023, the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP) became known as West Yorkshire Business and Skills.

As part of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, we remain committed to the strong partnership between public and private sectors that has been so successful in delivering for our region.

Why has the LEP changed its name?

The last few years have seen the continuing evolution of the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership to meet the needs of our businesses and residents, and respond to the Government’s changing vision for the role of LEPs.

In its 2023 Spring Budget, the Government announced that the role Local Enterprise Partnerships would be brought into Mayoral Combined Authorities.

In West Yorkshire, this meant completing the process that was already been underway to integrate the LEP fully into the Mayoral Combined Authority.

Whether encouraging more people to start and grow businesses, or providing services to develop skills, improving transport in our region, or tackling the climate emergency, the private and public sectors have sat side by side in shaping and taking decisions about our strategies and our investments.

The voice of business provides invaluable experience, knowledge, connections and passion for the region, and the private sector will remain a fundamental partner in decision-making and delivery within the Mayoral Combined Authority.

  1. What we do

    We provide investment and support to help our workforce, businesses and the economy to thrive, working with organisations across the public and private sectors.

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  2. The West Yorkshire Plan

    Here in West Yorkshire, we are ambitious, and not afraid to take on challenges. This is our plan to create a brighter West Yorkshire that works for all.

    Read more about The West Yorkshire Plan
  3. Our board

    The West Yorkshire Business Board brings together private sector and community leaders under the Business Advisor. It ensures that local businesses are fundamental partners in decision-making and delivery at the Combined Authority.

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  4. Thematic Committees

    These are decision making committees of the Combined Authority, which bring together elected members of our partner local authorities with private sector experts and leaders from business, to drive progress across our strategic priorities.

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  5. Governance, funding and transparency

    We are committed to the highest standards of openness and public accountability and have taken steps to ensure all of our decision-making and spending is as transparent as possible.

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  6. Get involved

    West Yorkshire has a vibrant business community and there are a number of ways you can get involved with the activities of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

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Get in touch for advice or support

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