Local Industrial Strategy

The Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership is creating a Local Industrial Strategy to help improve productivity, boost businesses and protect the environment across the City Region, so everyone can feel the benefits of a strong economy.

The Local Industrial Strategy is a long-term plan for Leeds City Region, developed in partnership, to harness the strengths of our local area. You can view a our draft priorities below and download the pack here.

It is designed to boost productivity and transform the City Region, building on our strengths, improving people’s skills and helping businesses grow while tackling the climate emergency, so everyone can benefit from a strong economy.

Putting health at the heart of the region

By engaging with a wide and diverse range of individuals and organisations, we have identified clear priorities that will make up the Local Industrial Strategy, with healthy lives as one of its central pillars.  

Our industrial heritage has created a legacy of health, social and environmental challenges that we need to overcome if the City Region is to reach its full potential. We believe enabling everyone to live healthy, active lives with greater earning power through better, more flexible skills and a fair, progressive employment market is one of the most effective ways of improving productivity across the City Region.


Developing the Local Industrial Strategy

In developing the draft priorities for our Local Industrial Strategy, we have brought together data and evidence on the City Region and worked with stakeholders and partners to understand what our shared priorities for the City Region should be. Find out about our activities and how these have influenced the development of our Local Industrial Strategy.

Why a Local Industrial Strategy is important

Leeds City Region is a £70 billion regional economy, making it the largest contributor to UK GDP in the Northern Powerhouse and the largest regional economy outside London.

But the region’s productivity lags behind the rest of the UK, resulting in stalling living standards and fewer opportunities for people to get on in life. Closing this productivity gap is a central aim of the Local Industrial Strategy. Doing so could add a potential £11 billion extra to the economy, as well as creating better-paid jobs and offering people the chance of a better quality of life.

The Local Industrial Strategy is being developed with stakeholders and partners to make sure that our evidence and priorities reflect real life experience.

We’re working closely with the neighbouring York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership to maximise opportunities across the whole of North and West Yorkshire.

Local Industrial Strategy news and updates

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