What we do

We provide investment and support to help our workforce, businesses and the economy to thrive, working with organisations across the public and private sectors.

We’re creating an even more skilled and prosperous West Yorkshire. With an overall aim of transforming the region's economy, we focus on four key areas: supporting growing businesses, developing a skilled workforce, increasing energy efficiency and improving the region’s infrastructure.

We're supporting and developing the West Yorkshire in four key areas

Supporting growing businesses

We help small businesses and private sector firms to grow by providing support and finance, creating international links and paving the way for innovation, enterprise and new business investment.

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Developing a skilled and flexible workforce

We’re working with employers and education providers to create more and better jobs, with a highly skilled workforce to sustain them.

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Building a resource-smart city region

We're developing innovative new energy infrastructure in the region and helping businesses and households to become more energy-efficient, saving them money and supporting economic growth.

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Delivering the infrastructure for growth

We’re building the modern infrastructure our region needs to develop and grow including transport, broadband and housing.

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    We’re working to build and renew West Yorkshire’s infrastructure to ensure that it is fit for the 21st century and will enable transformative growth for the region.

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  2. Thematic Committees

    These are decision making committees of the Combined Authority, which bring together elected members of our partner local authorities with private sector experts and leaders from business, to drive progress across our strategic priorities.

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