Get fit and save money with sustainable travel

Leah Stuart, Director at Civic Engineers in Leeds, explains how her active commute helps her to stay fit, save money and connect with family and friends.

Leah Stuart, Director at Civic Engineers in Leeds, commutes from Huddersfield to Leeds by foot, bike and train each day.

As a working mum of three, an active commute enables Leah to spend time with her family, look after her own health and wellbeing, and avoid the hassle of traffic congestion and parking. 

We spoke to Leah to find out more about her commute and her tips for others looking to travel sustainably.

My sustainable commute

I walk to school with my children pushing my bike. I then cycle from the school to Huddersfield station to catch the train to Leeds. I’ve got a folding bike which I take on the train, so I cycle from Leeds station to my office in the Southbank.

Feeling the benefits

Our walk to school is about 20 minutes and a lovely opportunity to spend time with my kids, bump into friends, reduce congestion and stay healthy.

The 10-minute cycle downhill to Huddersfield Station is always a joy and faster than a car, plus I don’t have to find anywhere to park. The uphill journey at the end of the day is a great workout!

The 20-minute train journey to Leeds is a good opportunity to read or catch up on admin.

Over the years I have saved money on childcare by saving time using my bike instead of walking. This is the most efficient way for me to do the things I need to; I’m fitter and happier travelling by bike and train.

Leah’s advice for others

Don’t be afraid to try something different, even just once a week. You might find it works for you. Kids can walk further than you think if you train them up!

Don’t worry about getting lots of gear or not being a ‘cyclist’ – I cycle in my normal clothes so I don’t have to get changed. Try it, adapt your systems, get it working for you. See if your employer has a cycle to work scheme so you can buy a bike and equipment, save money and spread the payments.

Keep a hairbrush at work – that is a tip I need to follow myself after a windswept journey today!

Sustainable travel support

If you have found Leah’s story inspiring and would like to incorporate cycling into your commute, visit our Travel Plan Network page or email for advice and support.