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We are inviting business leaders to help shape our vision for action on productivity and resilience in the Leeds City Region.

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13 May 2021

Resilient and thriving businesses are the heart of our regional economy and critical to our post-Covid-19 economic recovery for jobs, competitiveness and the resilience of our people and places. Our businesses also play a significant role in improving living standards and tackling the climate emergency.

Leeds City Region businesses are one of the most diverse economies in the UK. This diversity makes our economy more resilient to sector-specific shocks while also being home to key national economic strengths. Yet despite these strengths, the region underperforms nationally in terms of productivity. Closing this gap to the UK average in the Leeds City Region would be worth £8.5 billion to the economy – a challenge pre-Covid-19 and a priority for recovery.

Our draft Business Productivity and Resilience Plan sets out proposed actions to boost productivity and resilience in the Leeds City Region:

  • Looking at the positive business behaviours that are proven to increase productivity and build greater resilience.
  • Acting on the structural transformation opportunities that can impact our overall business productivity performance, including investment, attracting new enterprises and reshaping our economy to be net-zero carbon resilient.
  • Delivering on outcomes of greater economic resilience.

This plan is guided by the evidence that suggests we have more potential than we are currently realising and developed in consultation with our business-led Business, Innovation and Growth Panel for Leeds City Region.

Have your say

We want to understand your views and hear your perspectives on what will help businesses be more productive and resilient and what this means to you, your business or your stakeholders.

To have your say, please complete the survey before midnight on Sunday 13 June 2021.

Next steps

Following the engagement, we will refine the Business and Productivity Resilience Plan and share the revised version in Summer 2021.