Finpoint Business Finance Platform

Find the right lenders and get access to finance options with one simple online application.

Trusted UK business financing platform, the Finpoint Business Finance Finder helps SMEs find the right lenders and get access to finance options that are most relevant for their business with just one simple online application.



  • One-stop-shop for your funding needs

The Business Finance Finder covers the whole finance market and finds the appropriate funders for your funding needs. Access to finance made easy with a list of appropriate funders within 24 hours.

  • One online application – hundreds of funders

One finance application with access to multiple lenders and investors. Finpoint searches through a database of over 140 lenders and brings only the best option directly to you.

  • Save time and hassle

It only takes 5 minutes to fill in the funding application. 

  • Your sensitive information protected

Application is anonymous and automatically protected under FCA and GDPR regulations.

  • Real people, no robots

Our team of dedicated advisors take requests 24/7. Free guidance and advice for any financial enquiry. 


Get in touch for advice or support

Get in touch with our Business Support Service and we can help you find the right support for your business needs. You can call us on 0113 348 1818 or email us for more information.