Made Smarter Yorkshire and Humber

Do you want to grow your manufacturing or engineering business with emerging digital technologies? Go to market faster? Cut costs? Reduce downtime? Made Smarter can help.

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Uniting manufacturers with the digital tools, innovation and skills to make an everyday business difference.

Now's the time for manufacturing to evolve, and with emerging technologies, the possibilities are endless. This not-so-distant future will boost our local economy and create new jobs. Want to be part of it?

About Made Smarter

Made Smarter is a national movement to drive growth amongst local SME manufacturing businesses and advance the UK economy. Backed by world-renowned businesses and the UK government, the programme aims to improve the development and adoption of emerging technologies.

The manufacturers of tomorrow use technology to streamline their processes. They are faster, more responsive and more efficient. Ultimately, they make better products for less. The programme helps you leverage the power of these tools and offers specialist advice and funding to support your switch to advanced and automated technologies and improve your employees’ digital skills.

  1. The possibilities are endless with digital tech. Whatever problem you’re facing or whatever goal you’re working towards, Made Smarter can find a smarter solution.

    • Improve capacity
    • Maximise efficiency
    • Reduce lead times
    • Increase profits

How can I benefit?

 Made Smarter will give you a competitive edge in a rapidly growing industry. Support is tailored to your business and where you are in your journey to digitalisation.

The range of support available includes:  

  • Impartial business growth advice  
  • Specialist technology advice 
  • Guidance for skills and culture development 
  • Digital transformation and roadmapping workshops  
  • Funding opportunities
  • Leadership development
  • Digital technology internships 

Am I eligible?

Made Smarter is open to small and medium-sized manufacturing and engineering businesses based in Yorkshire and the Humber.

To find out how Made Smarter can support your digital journey, register for a free at

Whatever you make, make it smarter

If you would like to learn more about Made Smarter and how your business could benefit from the programme, contact our Business Support Service to speak to one of our advisors.

Made Smarter Yorkshire and Humber is funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).