Have your say on our ambitious plan for the future of the region’s economy

The Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP) is asking for feedback from businesses, other organisations and individuals to help shape the region’s Local Industrial Strategy.

29 October 2019

Following extensive consultation throughout the summer, involving input from hundreds of people across the City Region, as well and national and international experts, the LEP has identified key priorities for the Local Industrial Strategy, with healthy lives at its heart.  

Roger Marsh OBE, chair of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership and the NP11, said: “The Local Industrial Strategy is an ambitious plan to improve productivity and support businesses and skills across the City Region. Working in partnership across the region and beyond, we have identified the top priorities the Local Industrial Strategy will address, with a focus on healthy lives for all. Good health is the cornerstone of productivity and will be a key driver in promoting productivity, wellbeing and growth.

“We are in the process of developing these draft priorities into the final Local Industrial Strategy and are very keen to hear from individuals, businesses and other parties. I would urge everyone with a view on to give feedback through our online survey.”

The Local Industrial Strategy is an ambitious, long-term plan for Leeds City Region, designed to boost productivity, build on the region’s strengths, improve people’s skills and help businesses grow while tackling the climate emergency, so all communities can prosper and benefit from a strong economy. 

Have your say on the Local Industrial Strategy

We want your views on our draft policies and priorities for the Local Industrial Strategy. You can view a summary of our draft policies, what they mean for the City Region’s future, and have your say here:

The City Region’s industrial heritage has created a legacy of social, health and environmental challenges that need to be overcome if it to reach its full potential. Addressing these through the Local Industrial Strategy and helping people across the region aspire to live healthy lives with greater earning power through better, more flexible skills and a fair, inclusive employment market will be a driver of productivity, wellbeing and growth.  

The LEP has also identified the following priorities for the Local Industrial Strategy:  

  • Supporting businesses to meet the challenges of the future economy and create good quality jobs, to support progression and promote inclusivity
  • Accelerating economic growth across the City Region through technology and innovation
  • Building on the successes of our globally important healthcare sector as a source of good jobs and growth
  • Making sure our environment promotes healthy, active lifestyles and is fit for future generations to enjoy
  • Skilled people, in good jobs, with access to training to help build and sustain their careers
  • Healthy, modern communities where everyone living and working in the region can reach their full potential

To make sure the Local Industrial Strategy addresses the issues that matter most to the region’s businesses and employers, the LEP is now calling for feedback on its draft policies and priorities through an online survey. The results of the survey will influence the final strategy, which is expected to be submitted to Government by the end of the year. The survey is available here and will be open for comment until 18 November: https://www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/lis  

The priorities in the Local Industrial Strategy have been developed after extensive consultation to understand what matters to the people who should benefit from its work. Since the beginning of the year, the LEP has engaged with over 750 people at more than 50 events in person and online, worked closely with partners, businesses, and schools and community groups from across the region, as well as politicians and national and international experts.  

All local enterprise partnerships in England have been asked to produce a Local Industrial Strategy for their area, setting out how they will boost productivity and respond to four ‘grand challenges’ identified in the Government’s national Industrial Strategy White Paper.