Net Zero Carbon by 2038 for West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire’s progress towards meeting its ambitious net-zero carbon target was discussed today as the Government set out further measures to tackle climate change.

19 November 2020

The Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP) and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority declared a climate emergency in June 2019 and are working towards enabling West Yorkshire to be a net-zero carbon economy by 2038 at the latest.

The Green Economy Panel, which advises the LEP and the Combined Authority, considered measures the region is taking including:

  • The Carbon Emissions Reduction Pathways – a programme which sets out the changes the region will need to make to hit its ambitious net-zero target. The next stage of the programme will be a public consultation, inviting the people of West Yorkshire to contribute their views about tackling the climate emergency, scheduled to take place in February 2021.
  • Scaling Up the Better Homes Yorkshire programme – the current partnership, which has seen energy efficiency measures and new heating systems installed in over 5,000 properties, ends in 2023. Our aim is to create a 10-year programme to retrofit up to 300,000 homes in West Yorkshire by 2030, saving around 1.8 million tonnes of carbon each year while helping to reduce bills, lower carbon emissions and alleviate fuel poverty.
  • Resource Efficient Business (RE-Biz) – a project to increase energy efficiency in SMEs in West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire through capital grants of up to £40,000 to support SMEs to implement tailored action plans and investment in environmental resource efficiency, low carbon technologies and circular economy practices
  • The Energy Accelerator – a programme supporting low carbon and energy efficient schemes around West Yorkshire, including an LED street lighting in Bradford and the Leeds District Heat Network, to save 25,000 tonnes of C02.

These programmes form part of ongoing innovative measures to reduce carbon emissions across West Yorkshire for which the Combined Authority and the LEP won the ‘Leadership in Responding to the Climate Emergency’ award at the annual MJ Local Government Achievement Awards earlier this year.

At today’s meeting the Green Economy Panel noted the Government’s latest measures to tackle climate change but stressed the need for the region to continue to show leadership and ambition in addressing this issue.

Roger Marsh OBE DL, Chair of Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership and NP11, said:

 “As our recent success in the MJ Local Government Achievement awards shows, the LEP is leading the way in partnership with the Combined Authority and partners in the region to transition to a green economy that will stimulate inclusive economic growth, create new jobs, developed a skilled workforce, and create energy efficient infrastructure.

“The Government’s announcement today to bring forward the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars to 2030 is in line with our own recommendations, but this needs to be part of a much bigger and more comprehensive programme of change and investment.”

Simon Pringle, Chair of the Green Economy Panel, and board member of Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership:

“The LEP and the Combined Authority are leading the way by committing to a net zero carbon economy by 2038 and ensuring carbon reduction informs our plans for economic prosperity.

“The public consultation next year will be a really important opportunity for people across West Yorkshire to have their say on how we can make the changes we need to address the climate emergency and deliver the better future we want for all our communities.”